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Do you want to stop losing customers by not responding quickly to the messages you receive?

Have you ever wondered how many customers have left you for your competition because their messages were not responded to quickly enough? Chat Bots will work wonders for you. You could answer all your prospective consumers in seconds.

What does our Chat Bots service include?

  • Research and analysis of the Company.
  • Planning of the communication you wish to have with your prospective clients.
  • Definition of common questions that customer prospects will ask you.
  • Definition of the immediate responses that prospective customers will receive.
  • Establishing the conversation in Chat Bots.
  • Training on the use of Chat Bots.
  • Essays with practical and real examples regarding the use of Chat Bots.


At La Merca Factory we do not promote the automation of Marketing processes. What we do promote is the humanization of brands and the emotional connection of the Company with its clients through personal contact.

However, we make the Chat Bots service available to you as a reinforcement measure and complement to the rest of the Digital Strategies.


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