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Do you need to build a new Website, renew it, keep it updated, or simply create Landing Pages to constantly attract new customers?

If you are looking for your website to become one of your best allies to strengthen your corporate image, publicize your products and have a strong presence, La Merca Factory can offer you the quality and experience of our team of professionals to help you make your site a great tool to grow your business.

At La Merca Factory we plan, design and develop the website that your brand or project requires. We make dynamic sites that adapt to needs, with web design focused on facilitating navigation and adequately communicating the identity of the company. We do each website with very meticulous prior planning.

Our web design services have no limits. In WordPress, as well as with other existing tools, we can do everything and more. Some of the important factors that we always keep in mind are the ease of navigability, interactivity, usability, the architecture of the information, and the interaction of media such as audio, texts, and images.

What is included?

  1. Analysis of the Company and project planning.
  2. Presentation of website design options.
  3. Website creation and programming.
  4. Responsive pages adaptable to any display device (mobile, pc, tablet).
  5. Websites made in WordPress.
  6. Professional emails (yourname@yourcompany.com)
  7. Advice on domains and hosting.
  8. Website tailored to your needs and your clients.


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