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Would you like to have a monthly accurate and detailed report of the profile of your website visitors, as well as the detailed behavior of your page?

It is always important to know the visitors of our website in detail. Being able to have a broader knowledge about them will allow us to intuit their way of thinking and reacting to our products.

Our Analytical Web service allows us to deepen the investigation and study of the statistics of our Website.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is neglecting much of the information available and forgetting to analyze the purchase funnel in a more appropriate way.


In Web Analytics we will obtain the following analysis points:

  • Number of visitors per day, week, month, quarter, semester.
  • Number of new visitors per day, week, month, quarter, semester.
  • Average number of visitor sessions.
  • Duration of each session on my page.
  • Bounce rate of our website.
  • What Country are the visitors to our website from.
  • From which city are the visitors of my page.
  • Through what medium are they visiting me (mobile, tablet or pc).
  • How they got to my page (organically, social networks, sem, other).
  • Days of the week that users usually visit my website.
  • Hours in which users usually enter my page.
  • Among others

Currently, there are enough tools that give us all this data. At Web Analytics we will take care of analyzing, interpreting and classifying them in such a way that for your Company it is highly digestible information that helps us in making decisions.


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