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Have you ever had a complete and detailed report of everything that is said online about your Company? Statistics, category, local and world ranking of the source, schedule.

Did you know that most consumers first do their research on the internet before completing their purchase? And in the same way, are you aware that your prospect clients are looking to get to know you more through search engines and social networks before making a purchase?

Today, the reality is that anyone can misuse our name. Even a certain daily situation could turn into an unpleasant situation and become a trend in networks.

The incorrect handling of this information can cause that our reaction is not the most appropriate. For this reason, our “Online Reputation Management service” is responsible for constant monitoring and permanent supervision of everything that is said online about your Company, whether it is search engines or social networks.

In the event of any unforeseen event, we will be with you to do the analysis, response, and handling of the situation together.

The same way, we will provide you a monthly evaluation of each source or communication medium that mentions you: local ranking, world ranking, percentage of credibility of the source and schedule of mentions.

It is important that online reputation management is comprehensive and does not focus solely on one medium. At La Merca Factory we offer the brand monitoring service in the online world. In this way, we will always have control of the messages that we want to convey to our clients and to society in general.

Online reputation management is the perfect complement to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, as it provides information that supports decision-making and management of your Company.


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