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Have you ever thought that the activities of your Company could spread in the Media of your locality or your Country?

It is always good to have a good relationship with the most important media in your town and in your country. Our “Online Public Relations” service makes your relationship even closer.

At La Merca Factory we work so that your Company has visibility in the most prominent media through articles. Subsequently, these articles are taken up on Social Networks and thus achieve a greater reach.

We have more than 20 years working in Public Relations with the most important media in Latin America.

The steps that define our “Online Public Relations” strategy are:

  1. Research and analysis of the Company.
  2. Research and analysis of the most outstanding Media in your locality or Country.
  3. Joint definition of the Media chosen.
  4. Planning and production of articles with valuable content that you wish to publish
  5. Publication of the Articles of the Company in the chosen Media.
  6. Follow-up through social networks and blogs.

Give value to your Brand and make your Company transcend.


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