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Do you want to increase your sales and always appear in the first positions of the Google search engine?

SEM is key if your business has an online presence. Nowadays it is essential to have knowledge on the subject, or to surround yourself with a specialized team that is in charge of correctly executing all the mechanisms of the SEM so that you can take care of growing your Company in the rest of the areas. At La Merca Factory we will execute strategies that will take you to the first places in Google searches, so that your potential clients find you faster.

What is the SEM?

Search Engine Marketing, better known as SEM, is the set of tools, techniques and strategies that will lead us to optimize visibility through search engines.

The SEM presents us with a whole range of options:

  • Search Network.
  • Display Network.
  • Youtube Ads.
  • Remarketing

What we seek is to always appear the best positioned among the search results of Google and other similar websites when a user searches for keywords related to our brand.

The key to the success of SEM is to use it in the right way, achieving the Maximum Relevance when making our ads.


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