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Do you want to do magic in your company? Do not look for your clients. They will look for you.

Have you ever thought about the possibility that your clients will come to you without the need for you to look for them? This can only happen thanks to the strategy we use to do Inbound Marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

It is a tool used in the world of Digital Marketing where different attraction strategies are carried out. The above is achieved through valuable content that we generate for your company. Said valuable content is generated and produced by La Merca Factory, which is published through blogs, social networks, influencers, or relevant media.

Today, users are tired of invasive advertising. That is why Inbound Marketing has become very strong in recent years.

With Inbound Marketing, your future clients will end up finding you thanks to the fact that they discovered useful and relevant information related to your brand.

“Inbound Marketing” is considered the least intrusive strategy in the world of Digital Marketing.

How can we apply Inbound Marketing in your Company?

Here are just 7 examples:

  • Through Influencers who talk about the benefits of your Brand.
  • Producing and generating Articles that mention how your Brand meets the needs of users.
  • Producing and generating tutorial videos where users are advised on the correct use of your product.
  • Producing and generating content for Social Networks where useful information is provided to the user.
  • Making a synergy with other blogs so that they make mentions of relevant information that we have previously produced.
  • Collaborations with bloggers and the media where they can use our information in favor of supporting society.
  • Llevando de la mano a los usuarios en temas importantes del día a día, buscando siempre ayudarlos en la realización de sus actividades cotidianas.


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