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Now imagine the possibility of appearing on the cell phones of all your clients, prospective clients, and suppliers!

Mass text messages (SMS) are an incredibly effective way of communicating information in real time, as well as sharing last minute deals.

Mobile devices are the most used personal communication medium every day and that is why customers/users immediately read their SMS as soon as they receive them. SMS marketing allows you to send direct messages to a device – offering you a much higher probability of the message being opened. Furthermore, mass messages allow for the inclusion of a link in the message itself which can then direct to a web page where the complete information is displayed.

Send SMS easily and quickly. As easy as this: upload your contacts, write the SMS, and send it.


At La Merca Factory we do not promote the automation of Marketing processes. What we do promote is the humanization of brands and the emotional connection of the Company with its clients through personal contact.

However, we put the SMS Marketing service at your disposal as a reinforcement measure and complement to the rest of the Digital Strategies.


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